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DIY Mattress Cleaner


1-2 cups baking soda (depending on size of mattress)

7 drops lavender oil

7 drops lemon oil

7 drops peppermint oil

stir  ingredients  in a GLASS container with a spoon DO NOT USE PLASTIC (I’ll post more on this soon) I sprinkled this mixture over my mattress but if you want to get fancy with it put it in a shaker or poke holes in the top of a mason jar to make your own shaker. Leave on for at least one hour. We ended up going to an impromptu BBQ at our friends house so I left it on for around 4 hours. No biggie. Use your vacuüm attachment to suck it all up and voilà! Fresh as new!

Peppermint and Lemon purify and kill dust mites while the lavender deodorized. These three oils do a mind-boggling amount of great things for mind. One example is minimizing discomfort with seasonal threats.

The biggest perk is smelling these soothing aromas in bed for the weeks following this spring cleaning treatment!

If you’d like to learn more about essential oils, attend a webinar or find out what brand I prefer, feel free to contact me directly.

Sleep well.

– Mrs. Middleton

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