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As most of you already know, (and if you don’t I’m about to tell you) I work in the cosmetic industry. I have for the past 16 years. I now work in a high-end department store selling cosmetics. I have a love/hate relationship with this industry. I LOVE my work. Truly. Doing hair and makeup is a form of expression, creativity and even therapy for me. I love sharing knowledge, tips, tricks, and my opinions on which brands have the creamiest lip liners, most rehydrating eye creams, non-orange self tanners, fastest make up removers, anti wrinkle anything… I’m a wealth of knowledge in this area and can go on for days. (tooting my horn) sorry…

Since deciding a few years ago to try to live a more “clean” life eating “whole foods” and trying to cut the use toxins and chemicals in our home it’s left a burden on me knowing that what I’m using on my face everyday is deadly! With the knowledge that I have and all the research that I’ve done over the last several years in this profession, I know too much. It’s bad. Real bad. And my friends, it’s very, very sad. Cancer causing poisons for lack of a better description. I’m poisoning myself daily. I’m assisting others in poisoning themselves. And for the longest time I didn’t care. I was young and I felt immortal. Living in the moment. Being free. Feeling great and beautiful.

Things have changed. Now I’m a wife and mother of two precious little boys. Ugh, my boys…now I care. I care about being healthier for me and them. I care about raising them and feeding them healthy, organic foods and I’d like them  passionate about keeping those same traditions in our family for generations to come.  And that, I feel, is attainable. Something to strive for. But these “beauty products”, they’ll be the death of me. Of many of us! Like I’ve said before I’m trying to buy cleaner, green, safer hair, skin and nail goodies but most of the “natural” stuff simply just doesn’t cut it. And let’s face it, nothing is really natural unless I go outside and pick aloe vera that I grew myself with uncontaminated soil, no pesticide or miracle grow used and smooth it on my face!  Can I go to a bride and pull out some fresh raspberries to stain her lips? NO! Well, maybe some brides here in Seattle…haha #crunch

All that to say that I’m on the hunt for healthier beauty. Beauty with a smaller price tag. Beauty that doesn’t cost us our lives.  I invite you for the ride. And please, if you know of safe, clean options for personal care or great girly treats that are easier on our precious bodies, leave a comment and share the wealth! Inquiring minds want to know. You could save lives! I’ll be trying out products and making my own goodies and posting photos and reviews.

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