| Little mama Middleton, a little more about me
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Little mama Middleton, a little more about me

Hola! I live in the rainy outskirts of Seattle, WA. Married to my handsome husband Jared Middleton for 9 years. I’m mommy to 3 boys, Oliver is 3, Forest is 2, and sweet baby Clive is 4 months. Yes, 3 children under 4! We’re doing it. Exhausted, emotional & rarely have any time to myself. (but thank you Jesus for essential oils & coffee!) And yes, as all the strangers tell me when we go out, “mama, you have your hands full”. I finally know what to say in response, “you should see my heart”.

I worked in beauty & fashion before, during and after I went to cosmetology school. The past 17 years I’ve done freelance makeup and worked for some pretty cool brands i.e., Chanel, Sephora, Shiseido, Aveda, True Colors (does anyone remember them?) and in the Gottschalks and Nordstrom cosmetic departments.

It’s a very superficial place to work. But I LOVE makeup! Always have, always will. I love painting faces, before & afters & seeing people light up when they look into the mirror. The goos & creams. The potions & lotions. I love perfumes, scrubs, oils & sprays. The thoughtful packaging, luxurious bath bubbles & salts & fancy limited edition collections. The way a beautiful cosmetics makes you feel when you first buy it, bring it home and try it on. Anyone who knows me knows. I’m obsessed. I get butterflies. And I truly LOVED what I did.

6 years ago I became interested in learning how to live a more natural & healthy lifestyle. Three years ago, after having my 1st son, Oliver, the health and well-being of my little family became more important to me than ever before.  Going into crazy mama bear research mode, I had to face the truth. No más mentiras.

You probably know as well as I do that I worked with poison. Toxins. Carcinogens. Fillers. Dyes. Synthetics. Every. Single. Day. It’s dangerous. I’ve done great at feeding my family healthy foods and trying to make better choices in what we put in our bodies. Reducing toxins & chemicals in our humble abode has been a “no duh dude” (again, thank you Jesus for essential oils!) My problem has been finding beauty products that are healthy for me, body products & hair care products that aren’t going to put all that junk into my system but still give me the butterflies!

Yes, there are tons of “natural” “organic” “pure” products out there but do you trust them? Regulations have gotten so out of control companies can put whatever they want on a product to sell it. “Green Washing”, they call it.  Not to mention as far as makeup goes, most of it sucks! yeah it’s “healthier” than my Shiseido, Dior, Nars, Loreal…but it sucks! The color pay off, blendability, texture, longevity, and lasting power just down right sucks. (most of it anyway) I’m sure you’re asking yourself “what is she getting at?” Well, honestly, I’m not sure. haha I try to cut the junk out of the rest of my life so I won’t feel so guilty about slathering poison on my face, hair and nails daily.

Over the years, in my research to find the good stuff for The Middleton’s, I’ve found great things that I like to use for myself, babies and husby. But I am always looking for better and best.

This is not all I blog about. I blog as an outlet. I blog to journal, to create, to express, to teach, to learn, to inspire, to love, to vent, to rave, to review. Recipes, crafts, essential oils, stories, truth, photos, …this is my life. All of it.

Thanks for hanging out with me.

Now please, tell me about you.

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