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Scented Ornaments 

I made salt dough ornaments scented with dōTERRA’s Holiday Joy essential oil. We (Adrienne & I) pressed rubber stamps into the dough before cutting them with Christmas cookie cutters. After baking, we added a drop of EO to the back of each ornament. THEN, I mixed 1 part acrylic paint to 1 part water and a drop of holiday joy to lightly brush the tops and make the imprint POP.

These came out WAY better than I expected and they smell so festive! You can write on the back as a gift tag to a pretty package! An easy & thoughtful gift.

Doing another batch tomorrow.

Toodles and merry Christmas.


  • Lynn Moore

    March 31, 2017 at 4:03 pm Reply

    Absolutely love this idea! I think i will create ornaments that can hang on the car mirror…:)

    • Little Mrs. Middleton

      August 12, 2017 at 2:01 am Reply

      I’m going to have to try that, good idea! Thanks!

      I liked this making these easy crafts so much I’m going to do it again for Christmas this year.

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