| 6 days of BOGO starts NOW! 
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6 days of BOGO starts NOW! 


Today’s buy one get one is buy On Guard get a free Lavender! These two oils are a must have for every household. If you’re alive, you need these two! haha On Guard is great for immune support and also helps kick a bug that already started. On Guard for daily diffusion makes sense since it purifies the air. Lavender is all things calming, great to soothe skin irritaions and helps comfort a teething baby! We love it in the bath and on pillow cases.

You can also watch doTERRA’s Facebook page this week to see the BOGO announcements each day, then login to your account and purchase – text me or email me if you need any help! 559-709-0250

If you’re already a wholesale account holder with me, watch for each day’s sale including lots of education on how to use each oil on our essential oil usage Facebook page, Drop by Drop.

Have a great week and BOGO! 🙂

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