$20 flat iron review

Forgive this poor iPhone bathroom selfie photo quality but… 3 boys under 4.


I can’t believe the results I get from this $20 Remington flat iron. It’s a “must share with the homies” kinda deal. I found it online and decided to check out the reviews.  how good of a job can this iron really do?

The last 2 flat irons I owned by T3 were $120 a pop and in my opinion broke or burned out way too soon. I have Conair curling irons that are like 12 years old. They were about 12 dolluhs ya’ll! So you can imagine my skepticism. It’s not always, “you get what you pay for”.

I gave it a try. It’s been 4 months. I still love it! I have thick, coarse, naturally curly hair. I love my natural curls but I’m able to go longer without shampooing when my hair is straight. I’m on day 4 now and it’s not too shabby. When my hair is curly it’s a nappy mess by day 2. This mamma just ain’t got the time.

The before pic is a finger comb blow dry and the after is my hair flat ironed in 3 sections from the nape up with the $20 Remington flat iron.

Well, what are you waiting for?! Go getchoo one! And let me know how  your tresses respond. Mmmkay?

Bye for now.



This iron has 4 1/2 stars reviewed by 3,235 customers on amazon as of today. check it.

What is Beard oil? + Hero Beard Oil & Lip Balm Review

Hero & Co. was kind enough to send my husband Jared a couple of cool products to try. Have you heard of beard oil?

Here’s what Wikipedia has for a definition:

Beard oil is a cosmetic product that is used to moisturize the skin under the beard to keep it “soft, shiny, and smooth”. Beard oil mimics the natural oils produced by skin, such as sebum, and is composed mainly of carrier oils and essential oils.

Jared and I hadn’t heard of it until we discovered Hero Beard Oil. I find that odd for two reasons: 1. Up until 2 years ago I had worked in the beauty/cosmetic industry for over 10 years…was I just not paying attention? And 2. We live in the PNW…HELLO! I’m trippin’. Anyway, he’s been using it daily for a few weeks now.  We both love it! I say both because I’m enjoying him more since he’s been using it. Haha I think I’d be sad if he stopped wearing it now. I love the soft, warm, sexy scent. I’ve been nuzzling his face and neck with mine more lately for that reason. Me likey. He’s been digging it too and said that a few of his coworkers have told him that he smells good. He works in construction. Why is that funny to me?

If you follow me on any form of social media or have read my “about me” page here on ze’ bliggity blog, you know that natural home and personal care products are my jam. Well, Hero & Co. product ingredients are all safe and natural!  Jared’s honest opinion on the Hero goods are in this video below. Oh btw, the Hero Lip Balm is incredible under lipstick or even with lip liner alone. I know because I’ve worn it everyday. And it’s only $3.50!!! Quality goods for minor ducats. Yes ma’am. 


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